Your every intent and action matters. 

What if you wake up and realize everything you do, everything you think and say has a direct, immediate impact on everything you know - your friends, neighbors, the city you live in? Well... that's a huge responsibility...for a starter. Share your experience, learn from others who share.

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How it works in Zealoq

Users set targets, collaborate, get the best next career step recommendations and connect to mentors on demand

For learners

Learn with like minded people and get guidance from mentors and consultants

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For consultants

Earn additional income by sharing your passion and experience

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Our mission

Make learning and growth easier for everyone

We aim to help everyone to find the easiest way to learn and grow their skills. Here at Zealoq we believe that the best way of learning is to learn from experience. Zealoq gives people the opportunity to share their experinece with others and help them up a career stairs.

Our vision

Socialize learning for everyone

Zealoq transform the way people think about jobs, the way people see their career growths and the way businesses operate in their pursuit of a talent.


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“ The idea of social learning is something that was missing for years. With Zealoq people can share and learn skills easier than ever. “
John Doe
Engineering Director
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